Introduction and Rules for this Blog

Welcome Fellow Concerned Citizens!

Hi! In this political year we have a unique window of time to express our views on how we think things should be run in this country. So towards that end I’ve set up this blog, where I will be inviting conservatives and liberals, Christians and secularists, and everyone in between. Every attempt will be made to keep the conversations civil and intelligent … where all will be able to share their views and have their views responded to with intelligence and respect. I  will set the tone with regular posts that start the ball rolling on specific concerns in this political season. See this as a great opportunity to sharpen your thinking on political issues (which determine the quality of life in this nation) and ability to effectively and concisely present certain views. So I welcome all here and hope you get involved by responding to posts. The way that you respond is you just click on the red “Comments” word at that bottom right of the article. That shows all the comments that already exist and you add yours in a box at the bottom.

To introduce myself as the moderator, I will be objective in moderating, because objective truth is what we will be seeking here … truths that can withstand logical, scientific, statistical and experiential scrutiny. Opinions aren’t objective and therefore shouldn’t be given. Only supported facts and real experiences will allow us to hone in on the clearest and highest truths about life. Based on my background in engineering I’ve made this criteria be the guiding principle in my heart, mind and spirit search for THE truths about life. I’ve recorded my findings in a number of books and workbooks, a couple of which are titled Why Are We Here? (which can be seen at another, and (as is more appropriate for this blog), The Plague Of Liberalism (which can be seen at www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.comMEDIA can see viewpoints and talking points here, but for video demos, media history and ‘reviews & quotes’ go to

Topics we will be covering (listed after the book synopsis)

Synopsis of The Plague Of Liberalism

Liberal, top musician eventually discovers that
liberalism is very harmful …
and changes his views!

The Plague Of Liberalism is a book that spells out the history and reasons for the moral, ethics and mental/emotional health declines in the U.S. in the last 40 years. It uses statistics to confirm this decline, and gives solutions to how it can be reversed – both on a societal and a personal level. It shows how liberalism is out of harmony with, and actually harmful to, nature and compassion – both of which it ironically claims to champion. And it shows how its propaganda is not based on truth, and (based on the author’s expertise in addiction) how its most vocal proponents suffer from a psychological disease, which the author calls “freedom addiction”. He says this disease has reached plague proportions. This is especially important information in this election year if the harmful tide of liberalism is going to be slowed down. 

The author is an ex liberal himself, having been a hippie in San Francisco during the ‘60s and ‘70s, and a member of some very famous music groups – Sly & The Family Stone, The Tokens (famous for The Lion Sleeps Tonight), and The Elvin Bishop Group. On the back cover of this book he says, “The responsible and loving thing for the ‘me generation’ to do for the next generations is to reverse the damage they’ve done to the world they’re handing over to them.” This book is his attempt to do his part in that. “In general, this nation used to be very clean, safe and peaceful, and people were very sweet, happy, loving, patriotic and family oriented. How many can remember those feelings? I have very vivid, beautiful emotional pictures of them”, says the author. “Go to YouTube and listen to Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares. That’s what the average teenage girl used to be like … sweet, lovable, dignified, modest, romantic and family oriented.”

This book isn’t about judging people or “presenting something heavy”. Its focus is beauty, truth, harmony and love. It uses statistics and history to scientifically prove that the world would be a much more beautiful and harmonious place if God and His ways were to be honored, followed and held in the highest esteem. It uses these same statistics and history to show that liberalism has been causing a lot of people a lot of pain.

What the author discovered 25 years ago (after trying 20 other approaches to lifestyle before coming to the Bible), and is trying to pass on with this book, is that in this very pleasure focused world, when people live God’s ways, they are rewarded by God with the greatest pleasures life has to offer: love, peace, security, joy and pure inspiration.

Contained in this book:

  • How liberals have hurt the black communities and life for women
  • How the liberal culture is making marriage, parenting and growing up very difficult
  • Scientific proof that God exists and why atheism is logically impossible
  • How societies have restored good social statistics and emotional health
  • Why drug use has increased under “political correctness”
  • How “global warming” is science fiction and a liberal smoke screen
  • How the APA (American Psychiatric Association) was intimidated in 1972 to change its long standing position that homosexuality is a mental disorder.
  • How evolution is science fiction and how science instead backs creationism
  • How liberalism is anti-nature (in spite of its claim to be pro-nature)
  • Why Biblical values are far more effective than liberalism in solving problems
  • Why San Francisco (out of all cities) became the mecca for liberalism
  • Why some leading black leaders are against “affirmative action”
  • The specifics of the psychological disorder that drives people to promote liberalism
  • The most valuable psychology principle
  • How an individual can escape the effects of liberalism
  • Why the backbone of modern science conclusions is flawed and unreliable
  • Why this country isn’t solving its increasing drug problem … and how it can
  • Proof that Jesus’ resurrection happened – which gives credibility to what He said
  • How Secular Humanism IS the “Established” Monopolistic Religion of the Current State  (and therefore is in violation of the First Amendment)
  • How to turn the discussion around when a liberal gets defensive
  • How the “me generation” severely hurt the culture for the next generations and therefore how it is its responsibility to restore it.
  • How God feels about homosexual practices
  • How the Vatican is against gay marriage
  • The specifics of a liberal’s love/hate relationship with nature
  • How liberalism has led to many tragedies due to its stands on sex
  • What we personally can do to reverse the effect of liberalism
  • How the negative media and entertainment industries can be changed
  • Why marriages fail, and how they can be saved
  • Why psychotropic drugs don’t cure mental illness, and how God does
  • Who is reliable anymore? (The lowering of standards over the decades)
  • Artificial birth control (a license for dysfunction), and what works
  • How abortions can be prevented
  • How the ozone layer is closing up and might soon be closed for good
  • Where was God in hurricane Katrina? The theoLOGICal answer
  • A plan to restore Biblical values in the United States
  • How to resolve the “separation of church and state” issue
  • Setting the record straight regarding U.S. history and religion
  • The 50 state preambles that all honor God
  • How the holidays (holy-days) were stolen
  • A very detailed religious history of Thanksgiving
  • How and why the author went from being a liberal to being a Christian
  • The 20 approaches to lifestyle and truth that he went through first
  • The cure for depression
  • The good (and most accurate) way to view God
  • 10 reasons to celebrate Christmas
  • What makes a hero, and how to have courage with your convictions 



  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • Thanks Sandra. Nice to have you here 🙂 Feel free to spread the word. Dennis

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