Posted by: Dennis Marcellino | February 16, 2018

Why things like the Florida High School shooting happen

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Why things like the Florida High School shooting happen


Dennis Marcellino

Obviously the shooter was a very unhappy person. But that “very” was to a degree unseen many decades ago. Why? What is so different now than, say, in the 1950s?

Well the two main sources of happiness in life have been seriously attacked in the decades since: family and God.

When God is fully acknowledged in a person’s life, He rewards them by infusing their heart with peace and strength and joy. This is also true in a family, where the parents are functioning honorably and joyfully within their natural roles. But of course another factor there are the pressures of sin-filled entertainment industries on their children and also on each other. Romance is not the tender hearts and flowers situation like it use to be. Yet romance is one of the strongest driving forces in a person. Yes, there also used to be heartbreaks in the past (as the songs are a witness to). But since then, the very unnatural craziness around sex has led people into bonds that are so strong that the heartbreaks are much more intense now … even leading some to the hopelessness and anger that we see carried out in mass shootings and addictions.

Still though, this wouldn’t be so devastating if a person had a strong relationship with God. But how are people to find out about and understand God in a culture that has legally outlawed Him in the mainstream institutions? Finding maturity in God has become like a needle in a haystack because the mainstream culture (media, entertainment, schools, government) won’t allow investigation of Him and His ways. Yet God is the only way to inner peace. Even in families, a maturity in God is needed to keep people in line and with a loving attitude.

So that brings us to the other major need besides romance and family – inner peace. There are a number of good phrases that express this: “Know God, know peace; no God, no peace.” And, “our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” Obviously, people who shoot to kill don’t have peace. And that is also true for people who give themselves to addictions. And because peace ultimately is only God’s to give, the society is criminally responsible for denying its citizens this wisdom. (By the way, I scientifically prove that God exists and the Bible is all true in my books and DVDs at

So in science, we look at the results of experiments. And in the social experiments around sex and God, we can see that the results are much lower social statistics, higher suicide rates, higher addiction rates (by the way, both of these last two have yielded for one over 65,000 opioid deaths last year, more than auto accidents and all the deaths in the Viet Nam war).

You’re going to hear liberals say that gun ownership is the problem. No, the unhappy hearts of the shooters is the problem. And liberal social policies are a great cause of those unhappy hearts.

So, the final conclusion is: many people are unhappy, even to the point of the horrific things we see that are spelled out in the media (not to mention the very high divorce, suicide, crime and addiction rates that without great fanfare express a large amount of intense suffering and unhappiness that goes on in the world). But God has the power to infuse people with happiness and take away their unhappiness. I say that from the personal experience of living without God and then with God. But I was unhappy to even the point of suicide while acknowledging God. No, there is a specific understanding of God and uniting with Him in a specific way that is needed. This is all spelled out in the Bible. That’s not a matter of belief but of objective truth that I prove in my books and DVDs. Until the society matures to that understanding, it will continue to see horrific things like we are seeing in the media. And the entertainment industries not only express the emotional fallout of society’s sins, it promotes them.

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The problem (and solution) is morals. Liberal morals make people unhappy. God, family and romance make people happy. Unhappy people do horrific things, either to themselves (addiction) or others.

The question is not guns, the question is: how to cure mental illness. There is no mental illness in the Bible, only demonic possession. The way to cure that is to eliminate sin from a society by severely punishing it and taking on God’s ways in the Bible.



“Our lives begin to end
the day we become silent
about the things that matter most.”
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King




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