Posted by: Dennis Marcellino | January 1, 2018

The Solution to the Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Problems

Recently there has been a strong focus by the government on the drug epidemic in our nation. In fact, this epidemic is bigger than any other problem in our country, as evidence by the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which show that 64,070 people died from drug overdoses in 2016. (That’s a 21 percent increase over 2015).

Here is how that number compares with other death categories we’ve seen in this nation.

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), points out that more Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016 than the number of American lives lost in the entirety of the Vietnam War, which totaled 58,200. This group says it is focusing its efforts on the opioid epidemic because “despite the groundbreaking work that police and other agencies are doing, the epidemic is continuing to worsen.”

Other statistics that show that the drug overdose problem is bigger than other problems. There were 35,092 motor vehicle deaths in 2015. The AIDS-related deaths in the worst year of the AIDS crisis were 50,628 (1995). The peak year for homicides in the U.S., was 24,703 people (1991). Suicides in 2015 totaled 44,193.

In response to this crisis, President Trump appointed Kellyanne Conway to be the “opioid czar”.

I personally used to have addiction problems for many years, so I’m well aware of what causes a person to overlook risks to their emotional, financial and physical health in dealing with their inner state in pursuit of happiness and avoidance of inner messages that might be in conflict with the culture and their peers. And I paid big prices on all those levels before finally finding the solution to my drug, alcohol, sex, emotion and gambling problems.

And of course, I was so elated to find that solution I had to share it any way I could with others who were having the same problems. So I created an inexpensive program at, which has helped over 2000 people to date.

Here is what the problem comes down to. It is not healthy or wise to override messages from our body to not abuse it with drugs or alcohol. Yet some people do that. Why? It’s because maybe initially they are seeking a thrill or are going along with the crowd. But then when they get hooked, they don’t have the strength to say no to those things. But 34 years ago I found out how to have that strength easily appear in my heart. In fact, any of those abuses have been (and still are) abhorrent to me and I would never even think about engaging in them. Since finding the solution, I now have peace, high purpose, and no weakness for any of them (as I once did). But we can’t just use will power and discipline to make that weakness go away. That’s why in order to come to a perfect solution, we have to learn what causes strength, peace and confidence to appear in our heart. Then we can happily ride those positive inner states and have no weakness for things that could harm our body, finances, life and the lives of others.

Like I said, how to do that can be seen at J That program shows how to permanently eliminate current problems with drugs, alcohol and other addictions. But to see how to prevent a problem from happening in the first place, go to There it can be seen what the very scary risks are in engaging in alcohol, drugs and sex outside of marriage. But of course, in order to eliminate any inclination towards addictions, a person must eliminate their emotional weaknesses and lack of clarity regarding what they are potentially considering, which the above program shows how to do. That website also shows how to make wise and not bad choices in pursuit of happiness and dealing with our inner state. That wisdom includes how to not be intimidated by peer pressure or the culture in general.

A big reason for addiction problems in our country is that the mainstream has lost its way in promoting what is natural and health causing, which has been distorted by political correctness. And because political correctness is at odds with nature (especially regarding inner peace and romance/marriage/sex) deep down people are unhappy. And they are using alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling as band aids to cover their problem of lacking deep fulfillment, and also to allow them to engage in anti-nature behavior. But have hope, there is a way to have deep fulfillment and harmony with nature. But there is only one way. Just like we don’t have control over whether our heart will continue beating, we don’t have control over what will make deep fulfillment naturally appear in our heart.


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