Posted by: Dennis Marcellino | May 10, 2017

Why Comey Did What He Did On July 5th

Here’s what I think happened. Comey the other day went out of his way during the congressional hearing to make the point as to how much he likes Loretta Lynch. But he also had to spell out the truth of the FBI findings of the wrongdoings of Hillary because many of the rest of the FBI knew about them. So on July 5th he combined the two things that I’ve said here by spelling out the points of the felony case against her, but then taking the bullet by saying that that case would not be carried out and that no prosecutor would have taken that case (but many came out afterwards saying that they would have).

Many were shocked at why he would do that. Here’s why I think that he did. It would not go over well if Loretta Lynch (who, unlike Comey, did have the power to prosecute Clinton) said she wouldn’t prosecute. This is especially so because of the recent meeting at the airport that she had with Bill Clinton. It would have looked like ‘not prosecuting Hillary’ was the result of that meeting had she declined to prosecute. So she said that she would do whatever Comey concluded.

That took the responsibility off of her and didn’t cause people to question her motives but rather put it on Comey.

This is like a Columbo episode with a Come(d)y of errors J

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