Posted by: Dennis Marcellino | October 13, 2016

Why some people don’t like (and even hate) Donald Trump

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It seems strange to me that some people reject Trump and are for Hillary. It leaves me to ask, “Why?” Well here’s the answer.

The reason why it’s puzzling is because Donald Trump is a man who has solutions and plans for the problems that our country faces and the passion to carry them out. Seeing his 90 minute speech in Ocala, Florida yesterday in 100+ degrees of heat amazed me as to the energy this 70 year old man has and the passion of his convictions. And that was just one of his speeches that day. And his solutions and critiques are good and accurate. What some interpret as anger, I see as a disgust with the corrupt, ineffective system that runs the country. And my disgust runs even deeper than his (from the Christian perspective).

Whereas, Hillary just looks like she’s gaming the system for personal, selfish reasons and will lie and say anything to get what she wants. Power and money are the fixed, and everything else is variable.

So the puzzle is: why do people choose Hillary and not Trump? I mean, the democrats desperately fish for transgressions from decades ago (and even falsely accuse him) instead of looking at his current policies and plans. And the evil media is fixed on these transgressions and don’t put a spotlight on the good … including his many speeches with wildly passionate huge crowds. And those transgressions have nothing to do with his ability to effectively run the country. Yet still, he apologizes for them.

So then it makes me wonder, what motivates people to support current evil (Hillary) and have vitriol against current good plans (Trump)? It doesn’t seem to make sense. Yet, religious people accept Trump, flaws and all … because he’s a man who stands for the things that religious people stand for in government (anti-baby butchering, anti-gay marriage, pro-God in the mainstream, etc.).

The answer is: they don’t always profess to be against God (although atheism is growing in popularity), they are just against His holy ways. I’ve surveyed people to come to this understanding. I asked them why do they reject God’s holy ways? The bottom line answer is always the same. “We don’t want to be told what to do.” They want to get along with the mainstream culture and all of the evil and dysfunction that is within it and its entertainment that is against God’s ways (as described in the Bible). They want to be “cool” and not perceived as “uptight.” And they want the freedom to sin.

The sad (and frustrating) thing here is that they don’t realize that by doing so, they are sabotaging their own peace and happiness. Following “the world” and its ways has led to many broken hearts, addictions, disharmony with others, divorces, and even suicide. Whereas, following God’s ways leads Him to reward us in our heart with the most valuable gifts in this life – peace, love, reverence and harmony with Him and others. By giving up our freedom to sin, we gain these most valuable gifts. That’s the paradox that they don’t see. And it is obvious that they aren’t happy, given their angry protests and name-calling and destruction of property (including their own bodies with drugs).

So really, people who are anti-Trump (who could do the things that would lead the country in a positive direction) are really anti-God and His ways. And seeing that is why Trump and his followers and religious people are so passionate. I hope that this country doesn’t miss this opportunity to move in a positive direction. When Trump calls Hillary “the devil” it’s not just name-calling, it’s an accurate description of who and what she represents (satan is the “father of lies” the Bible says). Electing her would be a tragedy.

Dennis Marcellino proves that all of this is true and describes in detail how things got this way over the last 50 years in his book The Plague Of Liberalism ( His Facebook page for this is


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