Posted by: Dennis Marcellino | September 30, 2016

Why to vote for Trump

• Most people are not seeing the real drama, which is the essence of this life. They are “blind” to THE truth and even resist it.
• They have God and goodness inside, but they’ve shut it out because they want to get along with the world and enjoy life and avoid conflict.
• So they dull the deepest part of themselves and their ability to acknowledge or even see THE truth, using various addictions and self-suppression and just go along, though the deepest part of them yells “No”, which they use addictive focuses to silence. (See
• But when a movement or good leader comes along, it AWAKENS in them the part that they REALLY value. And they don’t have to feel like they’re at odds with the world anymore because they’re supported by the movement.
• Trump, though not perfect, is moving in the good direction. He’s caring, sacrificing (financially and through tireless speaking), and creative in fixing the problems of our nation and its individuals in a ‘roll up his sleeves’ kind of way, coordinating with the best good minds in our country. And he has a great marriage (not one argument in 17 years) and a great family. That’s why the black community is responding to him in a way they’ve never responded to a Republican.
• Whereas, Hillary represents evil, because she is self-serving and sin-tolerant and will lie and deceive with her trained-lawyer style, and destroys any paper trails that will expose her as just that. For those reasons I don’t understand why anyone is supporting her at all. I just have to assume that they are uneducated as to her evils and Trump’s good qualities, or they are SO dulled to goodness and truth that they can override them and just play a blind-emotion driven (for a number of personal reasons not tied to the true realities of this election) “choose sides” game.


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