Posted by: Dennis Marcellino | November 18, 2008

The real reason why many gays are so angry

Why are many gays so angry? Why can’t they just civilly and intelligently make their case?

First of all, I would suggest not trying to talk gays out of their anger. Yes, if their anger spills over into violence, they should be dealt with like any other citizen whose anger spills over into violence … regardless of any reason why a person might become angry in life.

But it is good to understand the roots of gay anger. Gays are basically angry because of the fact that they ended up “gay” and they are angry at who caused them to end up in this condition (a condition that┬áthe American Psychiatric Association up until 1972 called a psychological disease). That could be: their mother, their father, mean kids at school, a rejection by the opposite sex, the unnatural standards of masculinity and femininity in society, etc.

Now they try to ground that anger on anything that stands in the way of them living the lifestyle that they’ve chosen or feel forced to live. That primarily now includes the Bible, the Mormon church, and Christians in general.

Also, gays will always fight for social acceptance because deep down they don’t accept themselves. And they don’t have peace in presenting and defending their position because their lifestyle is indefensible by nature’s standards (and “nature” is where peace comes from).

What about the anger of gay supporters that you often see in protests? They have their own issues, usually having to do with authority and (what I call in my book, The Plague Of Liberalism) “freedom addiction”.

Gays┬ádon’t want to be judged or preached at … which is how they view any attempt to have the Bible presented to them. This is unfortunate because that shuts them off to the only solution to their problem, because the Bible gives them a way out, as it has so many already. They want to be free to live the gay lifestyle and ground their sexuality and romance that way or are even addicted to sex. But they go too far when they ask for society to validate that lifestyle. God has destroyed societies for that very lifestyle being legitimized. And God’s creation (nature) is hostile to that lifestyle via the creation of AIDS and other STDs. That’s just a plain, observable fact that can’t be attributed to or blamed on any human being or institution.

If people want to experiment with this dangerous lifestyle, that’s their business. But they shouldn’t ask society to legitimize it, no more than society should legitimize any other dangerous lifestyle, let alone bless it with the legitimacy of “marriage”, which would bring a danger upon us all, given God’s history around this issue. (Notice how Katrina happened right before a large gay parade was scheduled in New Orleans, and also in an area where another societal ill is: casinos).

But “gays” are people first. And we should have compassion on anyone who is having a problem in this life. And if we know a way out, we have an obligation to show the way out. My suggestion to someone who is having a problem with homosexuality would be to do a web search for the many organizations and books by ex gays that offer help with this. Don’t brand yourself as “gay”, but rather, see yourself as just a person who is having a problem with something in life (which is the case for most people on some level), and know that there is a solution to your problem. It might feel good to “belong” to a movement, or it might feel good to find “acceptance” at a local gay bar, but a big issue then becomes: are you finding acceptance by God in your heart? Trying to sweep under the rug God’s lack of acceptance is the reason why alcohol and drugs are a big part of gay life. (But that is also true for a lot of people who are trying to “belong” and fit in and receive “acceptance” with individuals or groups they are in whose ways aren’t receiving peace in their heart from God). You won’t get the solution to your problem perhaps by listening to Christians or Christian churches who don’t know how to articulate the solution well, or from a Godless mainstream psychology community. But it does exist. There are many testimonies to that fact. My offering in that way can be seen at: God bless and good luck :-)


  1. sheesh.. first of all..
    knowing that you already did your research about tha ANA’s stand regarding homosexuality..
    have you read the part where they said that ex-gay therapies are harmful?..

    and why don’t you understand that sexual orientation is part of a person’s being..
    when did you ever choose to be heterosexual..
    stop saying things in which you are not sure of..
    PLEASE.. because you really don’t know what it feels like..
    try to live in a world where people are mad at you because you’re hetero and not homo.. wherein they keep on forcing you to be homosexual?..

    now tell me how does that feel?..
    that’s the world we’re leaving in..

    as for my part.. i’m not forcing anyone to accept me..
    i’m just asking you guys to look at us as people.. not like some person with an infectious disease or on with a big problem or even someone with a grave abnormality.. thanks..

  2. oh and by the way..

    reading this article of yours made me feel that instead of you giving us light..

    you made us feel the other way around much better..

    keep the good work trying to make lives miserable.. :)

  3. Believe me, the last thing in the world that I would want to do is to make someone feel bad. And I do view those who choose or (as you might say) find themselves in a gay lifestyle as people, not “gays”. That’s how I view everybody … as a person. I don’t put people in a box. And I do know how it feels to be looked down on by many people … first as a hippie, and now as a Christian. But I’m not living for “many people”, so that doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t like me because of their own problem. As long as I’m right with God, I’m fine. The only purpose of my article was to question why “gays” have been so violent lately. Violence by any citizen is of course going to concern other citizens. If you want to reason with me about that, great. You seem reasonable and nice. My article was an attempt to understand why this is happening, as well as the homosexual issue in general. Feel free to respond to the specifics in it, and we can go back and forth. That’s how people can civilly come to understand each other. Like my brother-in-law says, “lack of communication leads to negative speculation”. Thanks for the post :-)

  4. I find it absolutely amazing that gay’s consider anybody who disagrees with them as violent/racists yet they cannot find any proof of it to back their claims up.

    While there are lots of proof of gay protests being violent.

    I’ve notice wherever gay’s go there is always a negative energy field left behind and that organization tends to fall apart from the inside usually.

    Disney theme parks use to be kid friendly but once they started with supporting gay marriage (Gay Day) the imagineers (people who build upon ideas for a better tomorrow) have made many stupid choices ruining the *magic* of the park making it more like Universal Studios.

    Walt Disney would be rolling in his grave at many stupid descisions to shut down rides that don’t need it like shutting down most of the old Epcot rides that were really good without explanation and replacing them with stuped rides.

    Well I guess I should say stupider as no ride is truly stupid but rides have become dumbed down.

    • This is make sense, especially the part about negative energy field. My father was gay, he put me through the fucking hell because I was a young, attractive girl( the very thing he was inside( a woman) , but couldn’t express it in the real life .So, he was jealous of my development. I even stopped developing and menstruating for years since young teenagers because I felt the danger of being killed by him for blossoming into a young woman. I’ve never seen so much hate in any dirty fag. I only didn’t kill him because that dog died by himself. Rest In Hell, Eugeniy.

  5. It’s like it’s illegal to even SAY you disagree with Gays.

    • Right. Where’s the freedom of speech? I have no personal animosity towards people who choose the gay lifestyle. But the truth is the truth. Homosexuality is against nature and it’s against the Bible (which I prove is as book of all truth in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is True). I think that people who try to suppress open-minded, calm, intelligent discussion about this are insecure about their position and therefore can only resort to name-calling in their responses. But allowing homosexuality to be publicly supported and protected has the ultimate result of a lot of people suffering and dying. And that’s unfortunate because there is a cure for it. But people won’t know that as long as discussion about God and His ways are banned from the mainstream.

      • Gays are harbingers of disease. The CDC data is sobering. The majority of newly reported STDs are still the domain of gay men. Over 60 pct of AIDS and Hepatitis are from male on male sex. These are 2010 figures, meaning that after 30 years of awareness, education, and billions of taxpayer money, gay men are still spreading disease.

        Worse still is the bi sexual that links their plague to the heterosexual population.

        To me, the fact that disease is rampant amongst gays regardless of how much money is thrown at it tells me that at the core of the gay movement is an inherent desire to be filthy, deviant, and careless. I am no PhD , but that seems pyschologically abherrent to me.

    • I like your post, it has a credible data and of prove.

  6. I hate how this faggots are trying to turn American women into filthy, moral less, unnecessary violent, careless bitches through the pop culture, media , fashion, and another sources of gay domination.

    • Anna, Hi! I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve gone through. But perhaps you can turn it into a positive by exposing the effects of what you’ve gone through and show that the whole gay picture is not as rosy as it’s being portrayed in the culture.

  7. I think its much better for lesbians than gay men. They have a different agenda usually more (love) than lust it seems. in the gay world men are (online) full of lust. I am HIV and only from oral sex. I find that str8 men who do contracting and are mid 30s early 40s are hot. I wish i acted on pursuing guys at home depot than on Craigslist. Dying from a blow job is quite dumb. I agree with kyle though. He seems like an honest, intelligent guy. It all comes from within the gay community, i have had almost zero conflict with the str8 community because i don’t flaunt or act a certain way. I keep it private.

    • Ron, Thank you for sharing your unfortunate outcome. I had a roommate who died from AIDS at a young age. Also, thank you for your tone of ‘human sharing with fellow humans’, and not gay vs. Straight :-) In the ultimate sense, we’re all in the same boat. Like I’ve said, I don’t think that anyone is born gay, and it’s just another one of those experiments in the life that we just find ourselves in … until we finally figure out how to get in harmony with our Creator and His designs. Therefore, HIV is just a bump in the road … a road which is temporary anyway for us ALL. The key to success is to line up with our Creator BEFORE life ends. That has eternal consequences. Good luck :-)

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