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Why things like the Florida High School shooting happen

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Why things like the Florida High School shooting happen


Dennis Marcellino

Obviously the shooter was a very unhappy person. But that “very” was to a degree unseen many decades ago. Why? What is so different now than, say, in the 1950s?

Well the two main sources of happiness in life have been seriously attacked in the decades since: family and God.

When God is fully acknowledged in a person’s life, He rewards them by infusing their heart with peace and strength and joy. This is also true in a family, where the parents are functioning honorably and joyfully within their natural roles. But of course another factor there are the pressures of sin-filled entertainment industries on their children and also on each other. Romance is not the tender hearts and flowers situation like it use to be. Yet romance is one of the strongest driving forces in a person. Yes, there also used to be heartbreaks in the past (as the songs are a witness to). But since then, the very unnatural craziness around sex has led people into bonds that are so strong that the heartbreaks are much more intense now … even leading some to the hopelessness and anger that we see carried out in mass shootings and addictions.

Still though, this wouldn’t be so devastating if a person had a strong relationship with God. But how are people to find out about and understand God in a culture that has legally outlawed Him in the mainstream institutions? Finding maturity in God has become like a needle in a haystack because the mainstream culture (media, entertainment, schools, government) won’t allow investigation of Him and His ways. Yet God is the only way to inner peace. Even in families, a maturity in God is needed to keep people in line and with a loving attitude.

So that brings us to the other major need besides romance and family – inner peace. There are a number of good phrases that express this: “Know God, know peace; no God, no peace.” And, “our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” Obviously, people who shoot to kill don’t have peace. And that is also true for people who give themselves to addictions. And because peace ultimately is only God’s to give, the society is criminally responsible for denying its citizens this wisdom. (By the way, I scientifically prove that God exists and the Bible is all true in my books and DVDs at

So in science, we look at the results of experiments. And in the social experiments around sex and God, we can see that the results are much lower social statistics, higher suicide rates, higher addiction rates (by the way, both of these last two have yielded for one over 65,000 opioid deaths last year, more than auto accidents and all the deaths in the Viet Nam war).

You’re going to hear liberals say that gun ownership is the problem. No, the unhappy hearts of the shooters is the problem. And liberal social policies are a great cause of those unhappy hearts.

So, the final conclusion is: many people are unhappy, even to the point of the horrific things we see that are spelled out in the media (not to mention the very high divorce, suicide, crime and addiction rates that without great fanfare express a large amount of intense suffering and unhappiness that goes on in the world). But God has the power to infuse people with happiness and take away their unhappiness. I say that from the personal experience of living without God and then with God. But I was unhappy to even the point of suicide while acknowledging God. No, there is a specific understanding of God and uniting with Him in a specific way that is needed. This is all spelled out in the Bible. That’s not a matter of belief but of objective truth that I prove in my books and DVDs. Until the society matures to that understanding, it will continue to see horrific things like we are seeing in the media. And the entertainment industries not only express the emotional fallout of society’s sins, it promotes them.

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The problem (and solution) is morals. Liberal morals make people unhappy. God, family and romance make people happy. Unhappy people do horrific things, either to themselves (addiction) or others.

The question is not guns, the question is: how to cure mental illness. There is no mental illness in the Bible, only demonic possession. The way to cure that is to eliminate sin from a society by severely punishing it and taking on God’s ways in the Bible.



“Our lives begin to end
the day we become silent
about the things that matter most.”
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King



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The Solution to the Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Problems

Recently there has been a strong focus by the government on the drug epidemic in our nation. In fact, this epidemic is bigger than any other problem in our country, as evidence by the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which show that 64,070 people died from drug overdoses in 2016. (That’s a 21 percent increase over 2015).

Here is how that number compares with other death categories we’ve seen in this nation.

The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), points out that more Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016 than the number of American lives lost in the entirety of the Vietnam War, which totaled 58,200. This group says it is focusing its efforts on the opioid epidemic because “despite the groundbreaking work that police and other agencies are doing, the epidemic is continuing to worsen.”

Other statistics that show that the drug overdose problem is bigger than other problems. There were 35,092 motor vehicle deaths in 2015. The AIDS-related deaths in the worst year of the AIDS crisis were 50,628 (1995). The peak year for homicides in the U.S., was 24,703 people (1991). Suicides in 2015 totaled 44,193.

In response to this crisis, President Trump appointed Kellyanne Conway to be the “opioid czar”.

I personally used to have addiction problems for many years, so I’m well aware of what causes a person to overlook risks to their emotional, financial and physical health in dealing with their inner state in pursuit of happiness and avoidance of inner messages that might be in conflict with the culture and their peers. And I paid big prices on all those levels before finally finding the solution to my drug, alcohol, sex, emotion and gambling problems.

And of course, I was so elated to find that solution I had to share it any way I could with others who were having the same problems. So I created an inexpensive program at, which has helped over 2000 people to date.

Here is what the problem comes down to. It is not healthy or wise to override messages from our body to not abuse it with drugs or alcohol. Yet some people do that. Why? It’s because maybe initially they are seeking a thrill or are going along with the crowd. But then when they get hooked, they don’t have the strength to say no to those things. But 34 years ago I found out how to have that strength easily appear in my heart. In fact, any of those abuses have been (and still are) abhorrent to me and I would never even think about engaging in them. Since finding the solution, I now have peace, high purpose, and no weakness for any of them (as I once did). But we can’t just use will power and discipline to make that weakness go away. That’s why in order to come to a perfect solution, we have to learn what causes strength, peace and confidence to appear in our heart. Then we can happily ride those positive inner states and have no weakness for things that could harm our body, finances, life and the lives of others.

Like I said, how to do that can be seen at J That program shows how to permanently eliminate current problems with drugs, alcohol and other addictions. But to see how to prevent a problem from happening in the first place, go to There it can be seen what the very scary risks are in engaging in alcohol, drugs and sex outside of marriage. But of course, in order to eliminate any inclination towards addictions, a person must eliminate their emotional weaknesses and lack of clarity regarding what they are potentially considering, which the above program shows how to do. That website also shows how to make wise and not bad choices in pursuit of happiness and dealing with our inner state. That wisdom includes how to not be intimidated by peer pressure or the culture in general.

A big reason for addiction problems in our country is that the mainstream has lost its way in promoting what is natural and health causing, which has been distorted by political correctness. And because political correctness is at odds with nature (especially regarding inner peace and romance/marriage/sex) deep down people are unhappy. And they are using alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling as band aids to cover their problem of lacking deep fulfillment, and also to allow them to engage in anti-nature behavior. But have hope, there is a way to have deep fulfillment and harmony with nature. But there is only one way. Just like we don’t have control over whether our heart will continue beating, we don’t have control over what will make deep fulfillment naturally appear in our heart.

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The REAL REASON why Hillary lost

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The real reason why Hillary lost the election
Dennis Marcellino

The common phrase that is used to say why Hillary lost the election is: it’s because she didn’t campaign in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Then how does that explain the over 1000 other elections that the democrats recently lost?

The real reason that democrats lose is because people are sick of them supporting the murder of over 60 million babies. People are sick of the devolving morals that has led to the unbelievable challenge of transgenders wanting to access the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender that they weren’t born into. People are sick of the riots in the streets over false claims regarding police brutality of criminals. People are sick of democrats kicking God out of mainstream institutions. People are sick of Antifa covering their faces, and themselves committing violence and fascism which they are accusing others of doing. People are sick of seeing gay people holding hands and kissing. People are sick of bakers being fined for following their conscience before God (who also is sick of all the things mentioned here). People are sick of conservatives being shouted down when they try to speak at colleges. People are sick of having to pay for transgenders in the military getting the very expensive surgery to change their gender. People are sick of pornography severely hurting male/female relationships and kids growing up. People are sick of hearing “Love trumps hate” when the only hate is coming from their side. In short, people are sick of democrats.

But Republicans, unlike some of those on the left, aren’t violent people. So they make their feelings known at the ballot box and at the Stock Market. And thank God for the Republicans who have the courage to point out the evil of the liberals. The “special” counsel is not finding any wrongdoing on the part of Trump and his campaign, yet there is a LOT of wrongdoing by Hillary and the democrats that could keep a special counsel busy for a long time. Why is that not happening?

Now the democrat politicians have devolved into being in lock step to say no to every attempt at progress in this nation. Thank God for Donald Trump pushing through in spite of them.
It’s hard to understand the mindset of such evil and lack of intelligence of the democrats … especially because they never give intelligent explanations (e.g. the NFL protests). But we got a glimpse into that mentality on Tucker Carlson’s show recently into the mind of some feminists.

Last week a feminist called Emily Lindin announced on Twitter that she was, “not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs in the search for perpetrators of sexual harassment. If some innocent men’s reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I’m absolutely willing to pay.”

Lindin not surprisingly is a columnist at Teen Vogue. Tucker asked her to come on his show to talk about her views, but she refused.

After he pointed that out, a feminist came on the show and said that she was fine with this crime of slander because women make better leaders and should be running the country. (And I say) and your example to accomplish this and your proof of your premise here was with a crooked politician like Hillary Clinton? (Too many crimes to list here).

So that’s the ultimate goal of many feminists. Thanks for finally letting us know.

If you want insight into the destructive psychology of liberals, go to

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Why Secular Humanism is wrong in the clash of religions

First, here are the two basic things that define a religion. A religion defines morality and gives an explanation of existence.

The current state of Secular Humanism (which Webster’s Dictionary defines as a religion) defines morality as “political correctness” (e.g. abortion, gay marriage, pornography and human influenced climate change) and defines existence via evolution and the science fiction myths of the ages of the Universe and Earth.

Christianity on the other hand defines morality as Biblical holiness and defines existence as the Bible explains it, with God, no macro evolution, and a young Universe and Earth.
So then, which one of them is correct, or is neither of them correct? And what about the various other religious explanations on Earth? Are they fully correct or partially correct or not correct at all?

Well it needs to be acknowledged that Plato’s Law of Non-Contradiction points out that there can be ONLY ONE truth. That is, something can’t be true and not true at the same time. Either there is a God or there isn’t. Either there is an optimum morality or there isn’t. Either there is a young Universe and Earth or they’ve existed for billions and millions of years respectively.

Is there any proof as to what the “only one truth” is in these focuses? Dennis Marcellino utilizes science, logic, experience and statistics to give this proof in his book, THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is True.

Within the “only one truth” it needs to be acknowledged that any explanation of a perfect morality would need to be in harmony with the actual, observable optimum functioning of the human being. Murdering babies isn’t. Homosexuality isn’t. Pornography isn’t. And human caused climate change is invalidated by the fact that climate swings are observed on Mars where there are no humans, and have also happened on Earth in the past, when the technology being blamed for climate change didn’t exist.

Actually, the main point amidst the disagreements on climate change is: it can be seen as immoral that there is such a large focus on the nebulous climate change here on Earth, which has little impact (as wild predictions continually go unfulfilled), while the very immoral baby killing, high divorce rate, high addiction rate, high STD rate, ISIS murders and pornography go virtually uncontested and yet have a HUGE impact (as verified by the decline in social statistics and the worsening experiences in the mainstream entertainment industries). And the psychological problems of homosexuality and transgenderism go unaddressed as such (even though homosexuality used to be listed as the #1 Sexual Deviation and Psychosexual Disorder by the APA – American Psychiatric Association – prior to 1973. [There are many references stated about this in The Plague Of Liberalism, pp. 108-113, as well as the story of intimidation and deceit, not science, as to why it was removed as being pathological.]).

Also, the Secular Humanist “dating game” of the Universe and Earth is invalidated scientifically in Dennis’s book. In fact, in his DVD and book titled, How a LITERAL Reading of Genesis 1 is Proven by Modern Science and Hebrew Scholars, he shows how modern secular science discoveries (including Nobel Prize winners in Physics) are validating the Bible’s explanation of a young Universe and young Earth. The book and DVD can be seen at

A conclusion here is that the defined religion of Secular Humanism is in violation of the “establishment clause” of the 1st Amendment in that it dominates the religious landscape and legally suppresses other religions (e.g. in public schools, insurance and government. This last one is a new trend as evidenced by what’s written on our currency – “In God We Trust”.).

Dennis’s purpose is to show that the culture is very out of harmony with nature in many ways and many people are suffering as a result … whereas the Bible is provably the perfect standard for truth and solving the problems in the culture and individual lives. He is available for interview. His media kit can be seen at

At the Celebrate Freedom Concert at the Kennedy Center for the 4th of July yesterday, Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress gave such a moving introduction to President Trump’s speech that I wanted to pass it on here for those who might have missed it. Here it is (delivered passionately).

Psalm 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” Our nation was founded on a love for God and a reverence for His word. But in recent years, there have been those who’ve tried to separate our nation from its spiritual foundation.

And that reality has caused many Christians to despair and wonder, is God through with America? Are our best days over? Has God removed His hand of blessing from us?

But in the midst of that despair came November 8, 2016! (Huge cheers) God recognized that Donald Trump had the skills to reverse the downward death spiral our country has been in. (President Trump) has restored the greatest freedom of all – the free exercise of our faith.

Millions of Americans believe that the election of President Trump represents God giving us another chance … perhaps our last chance to truly make America great again.

And how grateful we are. We thank God every day for giving us a leader like President Trump.

(My sentiments exactly )

“Our lives begin to end
the day we become silent
about the things that matter most.”
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King

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Why Comey Did What He Did On July 5th

Here’s what I think happened. Comey the other day went out of his way during the congressional hearing to make the point as to how much he likes Loretta Lynch. But he also had to spell out the truth of the FBI findings of the wrongdoings of Hillary because many of the rest of the FBI knew about them. So on July 5th he combined the two things that I’ve said here by spelling out the points of the felony case against her, but then taking the bullet by saying that that case would not be carried out and that no prosecutor would have taken that case (but many came out afterwards saying that they would have).

Many were shocked at why he would do that. Here’s why I think that he did. It would not go over well if Loretta Lynch (who, unlike Comey, did have the power to prosecute Clinton) said she wouldn’t prosecute. This is especially so because of the recent meeting at the airport that she had with Bill Clinton. It would have looked like ‘not prosecuting Hillary’ was the result of that meeting had she declined to prosecute. So she said that she would do whatever Comey concluded.

That took the responsibility off of her and didn’t cause people to question her motives but rather put it on Comey.

This is like a Columbo episode with a Come(d)y of errors J

To understand the liberal mindset and the psychological and emotional ill that is behind it, go to

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The intense evil behind liberalism

Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” lists Lucifer under the acknowledgement page. (see below)

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

And he is not Hillary Clinton’s only mentor. She has high praise for Margaret Sangor also … the women who started Planned Parenthood for the purpose of promoting abortion aimed at the extermination of blacks and other “undesirables”. And she got that from Charles Darwin, whose book about evolution The Origin of Species (subtitled) by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life. In short, Darwin thought some races of humans were evolutionarily superior to others, and this idea led Hitler to justify his attempt to eliminate those he deemed to be inferior.

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Why some people don’t like (and even hate) Donald Trump

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It seems strange to me that some people reject Trump and are for Hillary. It leaves me to ask, “Why?” Well here’s the answer.

The reason why it’s puzzling is because Donald Trump is a man who has solutions and plans for the problems that our country faces and the passion to carry them out. Seeing his 90 minute speech in Ocala, Florida yesterday in 100+ degrees of heat amazed me as to the energy this 70 year old man has and the passion of his convictions. And that was just one of his speeches that day. And his solutions and critiques are good and accurate. What some interpret as anger, I see as a disgust with the corrupt, ineffective system that runs the country. And my disgust runs even deeper than his (from the Christian perspective).

Whereas, Hillary just looks like she’s gaming the system for personal, selfish reasons and will lie and say anything to get what she wants. Power and money are the fixed, and everything else is variable.

So the puzzle is: why do people choose Hillary and not Trump? I mean, the democrats desperately fish for transgressions from decades ago (and even falsely accuse him) instead of looking at his current policies and plans. And the evil media is fixed on these transgressions and don’t put a spotlight on the good … including his many speeches with wildly passionate huge crowds. And those transgressions have nothing to do with his ability to effectively run the country. Yet still, he apologizes for them.

So then it makes me wonder, what motivates people to support current evil (Hillary) and have vitriol against current good plans (Trump)? It doesn’t seem to make sense. Yet, religious people accept Trump, flaws and all … because he’s a man who stands for the things that religious people stand for in government (anti-baby butchering, anti-gay marriage, pro-God in the mainstream, etc.).

The answer is: they don’t always profess to be against God (although atheism is growing in popularity), they are just against His holy ways. I’ve surveyed people to come to this understanding. I asked them why do they reject God’s holy ways? The bottom line answer is always the same. “We don’t want to be told what to do.” They want to get along with the mainstream culture and all of the evil and dysfunction that is within it and its entertainment that is against God’s ways (as described in the Bible). They want to be “cool” and not perceived as “uptight.” And they want the freedom to sin.

The sad (and frustrating) thing here is that they don’t realize that by doing so, they are sabotaging their own peace and happiness. Following “the world” and its ways has led to many broken hearts, addictions, disharmony with others, divorces, and even suicide. Whereas, following God’s ways leads Him to reward us in our heart with the most valuable gifts in this life – peace, love, reverence and harmony with Him and others. By giving up our freedom to sin, we gain these most valuable gifts. That’s the paradox that they don’t see. And it is obvious that they aren’t happy, given their angry protests and name-calling and destruction of property (including their own bodies with drugs).

So really, people who are anti-Trump (who could do the things that would lead the country in a positive direction) are really anti-God and His ways. And seeing that is why Trump and his followers and religious people are so passionate. I hope that this country doesn’t miss this opportunity to move in a positive direction. When Trump calls Hillary “the devil” it’s not just name-calling, it’s an accurate description of who and what she represents (satan is the “father of lies” the Bible says). Electing her would be a tragedy.

Dennis Marcellino proves that all of this is true and describes in detail how things got this way over the last 50 years in his book The Plague Of Liberalism ( His Facebook page for this is

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Why to vote for Trump

• Most people are not seeing the real drama, which is the essence of this life. They are “blind” to THE truth and even resist it.
• They have God and goodness inside, but they’ve shut it out because they want to get along with the world and enjoy life and avoid conflict.
• So they dull the deepest part of themselves and their ability to acknowledge or even see THE truth, using various addictions and self-suppression and just go along, though the deepest part of them yells “No”, which they use addictive focuses to silence. (See
• But when a movement or good leader comes along, it AWAKENS in them the part that they REALLY value. And they don’t have to feel like they’re at odds with the world anymore because they’re supported by the movement.
• Trump, though not perfect, is moving in the good direction. He’s caring, sacrificing (financially and through tireless speaking), and creative in fixing the problems of our nation and its individuals in a ‘roll up his sleeves’ kind of way, coordinating with the best good minds in our country. And he has a great marriage (not one argument in 17 years) and a great family. That’s why the black community is responding to him in a way they’ve never responded to a Republican.
• Whereas, Hillary represents evil, because she is self-serving and sin-tolerant and will lie and deceive with her trained-lawyer style, and destroys any paper trails that will expose her as just that. For those reasons I don’t understand why anyone is supporting her at all. I just have to assume that they are uneducated as to her evils and Trump’s good qualities, or they are SO dulled to goodness and truth that they can override them and just play a blind-emotion driven (for a number of personal reasons not tied to the true realities of this election) “choose sides” game.

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Regarding Trump

Regarding Trump, here’s the bottom line. Millions of Americans (myself included) see Donald Trump as a hero, for sacrificing his great life to try to help us get rid of a dysfunctional government currently headed by a very misguided president and political correctness and trying to be now headed by the evil, corrupt, selfish Clintons. (And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said to judge people by the content of their character. And these are bad characters.)

And this is a very critical election because of the Supreme Court justices, who illegally legislate from bench, that will have a negative effect for decades to come if the democrats win this election.

There was another hero who once stood up to an evil, corrupt ruling class … and his name was Jesus.

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